Bike Fitting Service:

If you are going to enjoy your cycling, it is essential that your bike fits you. Too often, people end up trying to fit on a bike that is not set-up correctly for their  personal needs.


Your bike should fit you, not the other other way round!


A correctly fitting bike will be more comfortable and will maximise your performance, whatever your cycling goals. 

Bike Fit clinics are presently run in Boughton and at Team Buckley. A range of services are available from a basic through to an in-depth bike fit. I can also help you with your pedal cleat set-up.

Our in-depth bike fitting clinic involves a postural and range of movement assessment followed by an analysis of your pedal-cleat set-up and riding position using the BikeFit process. Where appropriate, video analysis is used to aid the pedal-cleat and riding assessment. 

Having conducted the physical and riding analysis we will agree with you what changes could be made to improve your comfort and performance. We will then make the appropriate adjustments and are able to supply some alternative components if required. After the session you will get a full report and, if appropriate, we will continue working with you to find the most comfortable position for your needs. 

A basic bike fit session purely focuses on improving saddle and handle-bar position.

Bike fitting is a detailed process and should not be rushed e.g. an in-depth session takes at least 3 hours for 1 bike and I usually recommend a free follow-up session. 

Please contact Simon for more information.  

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